Control your home in your fingertips, whether it be an inbuilt or plugged-in device. We automate almost everything.

Security Cameras.

We provide highly sophisticated security cameras with voice intercom, wireless, and solar power system. Along with the conventional CCTV system

Biometric Attendance

Remove the hassle of maintaining attendance by installing a biometric system to maintain accurately and zero manipulated attendance.

Computer Sales and service

We sell computers of all leading brands and provide end to end service.

Intruders Alarm and digital lock

Secure your asset from thieves or trespassers by premium intruders’ alarm and digital door locks.

Electrical Wiring

We do electrical wiring for the newly constructing or existing buildings with cent percentage accuracy

Control Everything at Your Fingertips

Turn on your lights, play your favorite music or change your room temperature, at the tap of your smartphone.

Run Personalized Schedules

Have your coffee ready when you wake up. Automatically turn everything off when you leave for work. Experience true intelligence.

Talk to Your Home or Make it Talk.

Simply talk to your virtual voice assistant, and ask it to do anything for you– be it ordering groceries to solve a math problem.

Control Your Smart Home

Take your Home Automation experience to a whole new level with the Echo. Amazon Echo adds the interactive and responsive feature to your home automation wherein you can actually to the devices in the home and get things done.

Once you have paired your Echo with other third-party devices like SmartThings, LIFX, or Philips Hue, just ask “Alexa” to operate your lights, fans, switches, etc.

Get started with Home Automation by Amazon Echo by following some of our tutorials.

Smart Alarm System




  • Home, Office automation

  • Security Cameras

  • Digital door locks and security systems. Bio metric attendance

  • Intruders Alarm

  • Computer sales and service

  • Electrical wiring


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