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We are a top brand aggregator who provides services of Fire, CCTV, home automation, access control, and life-enhancing products which add value to your vision of a smart living. Our solutions make you smarter and help you realize the best potential of life using electronic and allied products that revolutionize your approach to what people feel about automation

A leading electronic security & home automation and security solutions company based out of Hyderabad, Tech crew Automation Systems has over 18 years in the electronic security & home automation industry. By offering various security-based products with global technologies under one roof has enabled us to create a unique niche for ourselves in the field of Security Solutions.

We are the largest provider of Rental CCTV Solutions to the Industrials. We have installed over 500 plus CCTV Camera’s All kerala at our office premises with 160 Plus Professional’s executing and monitoring the same.

Catering to the needs of electronic automation, Tech crew offers a range of world-class products including Touch Solution for all your Home Automation needs, MyCop Solution for Burglary, Fire, and Ambulance Emergencies and i-Alert Solution for Surveillance and Central Monitoring Needs. The integration of our products such as Touch Home automation, MYCOP and alert provide solutions for Banking, Healthcare, Real Estate, Retail, Residential, Campus/University, Farm Security & Commercial. By using a combination of two or more products with Touch Automation, and the assistance of our e-Security Monitoring Room, you can monitor emergencies such as Security, Fire, and Medical.

Installing a Tech crew Automation product comes with its own perks of attaining various security solutions under one roof. Our equipment are well connected to our monitoring system. Our system automatically detects any technical, or operational issues with our equipment and sends alerts immediately to fix the problem. This service makes sure your equipment runs healthy and produces expected results.

By bringing in high-class global technology with 24 x 7 Alert Monitoring, Tech crew ensures that you and your family are in safe hands with our 24×7 functioning control room setup in the city of Hyderabad outwards, to a radius of 200 Km. They will assist you to monitor and manage your security effectively amidst a crisis, be it a bank, business premises or even your very own house. This room is manned 24×7 even through holidays so every day is a safe one for you.

Today our products are sold through a network of authorized dealers within residential properties and in a number of different commercial markets including Corporate/Business, Education, Government, Arenas & Events, Healthcare, MDU & Hotel, Transportation & Marine, Retail and Houses of Worship.

Using Tech crew Automation solutions comes with its own perks of attaining various security solutions under one roof. Our equipment has seamless integration with the software, engineering and hardware.

Backed by a team of thorough-bred professionals and engineers, we offer impeccable after-sales support and annual maintenance plans.

The integration of our products provides solutions for the following industries:

  • Banking

  • Healthcare

  • Real Estate

  • Retail 

  • Residential

  • Campus/University

  • Farm Security

  • Commercial spaces


Network PTZ Camera

8 Channel Penta-brid 1080N/720p Cooper 1U 1HDD Digital Video Recorder

2MP Vari-focal Dome WizMind Network Camera

2MP Vari-focal Dome WizMind Network Camera

2MP Vari-focal Bullet WizMind Network Camera

16 Channel Penta-brid 4K 2U Digital Video Recorder

8 Channel Penta-brid 4K 1U Digital Video Recorder

DS 2CD1723G1 I(Z)(S)
2.0 MP VF Network Dome Camera

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